(Oomoo is Aboriginal for “good”, but I just like the look and sound of it)

I’ve been programming for about 20 years (started when I was 2). Given the rise of web-based life-forms, I made the decision about 2 years ago to begin focusing on web-based applications. I’m a consultant, so I must be very productive to survive. I must be able to produce high quality results in less time and at less cost than my competitors.

I studied all the available languages, technologies, and frameworks.  I bought books, read blogs, and wrote programs in my top 5 choices.  In the end, I fell in love with Ruby and Ruby On Rails. I still do development in .NET and Visual Foxpro, but working in .NET just reminds me of the many reasons I Ruby On Rails when it is my choice.

Most of what I post in this blog will be things I have had to learn the hard way and how I made the transition from (mainly) Microsoft-based desktop toolsets to open-source web-based tools.


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